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We divide communication consultancy services in public relations, marketing and business management services. With a consistent approach for each field we compile the knowledge to deliver the results our clients expect.

Because each business measures its success in reputation and profit, any agency should deliver real figures for reputation and its clients’ profit margins.

We developed a business consultancy model around communication theories and tactics which applied using the tactics of the 3 consultancy approaches, deliver reputation and figures for each of our clients’ business.

We strongly believe that reputation and awareness (specific goals of public relations) are essential for the development and growth of any business and we are also aware that, without a growth of the company’s turnover, no business can pursue its goals or maintain its activity.

When we are hired for communication development and implementation for any client, we always do a complex research regarding our future client business, the market he acts on, the competition and the trends. We analyse its business structure, its past activities, products and business strategies.

We listen to its future business plans, we analyse the figures directly linked to the marketing strategies he applied before. Afterwords we can tell if and what we can do for our client’s company, products, services and image.

We act with two goals in our mind: to grow and strengthen the awareness figures and reputation and to achieve better figures for our client’s turnover and profit margins.

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In a globalization era you can no longer approach any business without thinking any business without summarise

the essential communication approaches like public relations, marketing and management consulting.

We built our philosophy on the ground of communication and we joined the knowledge from the main 3 consultancy area into our approach of communication business.

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Everything stays in proportions: a bigger business requires more reputation efforts, less awareness actions, more social activities, less direct marketing activities, more b2b management communication activities, less communication regarding its business figures, more CSR activities. But this is just an example, because proportion and the impact of any action on business may vary from one case to another.

That is why its crucial to adjust each specific action from each different approach in order to maintain the necessary equilibrium that will turn actions into good figures for clients.

The ratio of tactics and approaches applied in a communication strategy defines further the results translated in reputation, awareness, specific business goals, figures and growth.