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The Public Relations specialists’ expertise should be certified in good publishing products. Through time we developed many publishing products for our clients. Our latest products, developed from scratch starting with the editorial concepts, graphic design, written content and photo editorials are “The Grand Magazine” and
“International Times”. First is the magazine of SCH Grand – owner of the property from 90 Calea 13 Septembrie,
in Bucharest (JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, World Class Health Academy, The Grand Avenue, The Grand Offices)- a fashion issue, promoting all the brands of our client. The second one, “International Times” – is the
magazine of INTERNATIONAL Hotel Group, the most dynamic hotel group in Romania, which developed three 4 stars new hotels in last than 2 years. The magazine features articles regarding each community and city in which the hotel chain is present and also promotes its brands and its products. Each Magazine is printed in 5000 copies, twice a year and they target more than 300.000 readers annually.

Part of our mission to make a change in the creative culture, we create a joint-venture with Dejavu Models Management and now the new-born agency – People Models – provides a large series of international success models. Our models, both men and women are most of them international models who photographed for magazine like Vogue, FHM, L’Uomo, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and many others. The brands which have chosen our models were fashion brands like Roberto Cavalli, Alexandre McQueen, Dolce&Gabbana, Missioni, Fendi, Prada, Giorgio Armani,  Louis Vuitton, Adidas, Viviane Westwood and many others.

Launching a product or service on the market takes different skills and capabilities and can only be done by a group of communication: from concept to planning, from press events to media relations, from budgeting to logistics, from advertising to media-buying, from branding to promotional materials production everything consists in a big team with different capabilities and approaches.

Blogging is the new environment where all the brands are playing their marketing strategies. With a big list, or “The List”, as our People PR team calls it, of the most influential bloggers all over the country, we can manage to develop any kind of online communication BUZZ-Campaign. With specific, targeted messages and actions, we approach the community of bloggers from any industry sector, as long as the brands have something consistent and interesting enough to communicate to them. They are, probably, the most important people who can take the products so high on sales, but they also can put the business on sale, if the you have a lack in communicating the messages right.


The Press events and media relations are in the hands of  the People PR Agency men and women. Starting from the media relations with press-realeses tailored and targeted on the specific publication which the communication, the company or the brand are targeting, continuing with news-releases developed to be published in the newspapers, on tv or magazines, we manage all. We also develop media campaigns, through specific PR techniques, meant to increase brand or personal notoriety, or to advertise a certain product or service.

Images are one of the most consistent communication instruments. We developed long-term partnerships with one of the best photographers along with an entire team of retouchers, make-up artists, hairstylists, models. More, we promote them and we represent them through the industry. Together we develop the creative concepts, we do the styling, the retouching.

Grand Mag Mockup iPad3

With digital publish ing capabilities, at People Digital we managed to lunch on the Romanian market the first native iPad application for a magazine, also including the magazine in the Apple’s Newsstand.

Nowadays, the art in graphic design is very important, every industry expressing itself in print differently and all the influences from around the world should be carrefuly compiled in a very targeted product that should also market the concepts or the products which it advertises very well.

Video is the king! Currently we are working with one big studio with capabilities of production starting from TV advertising spots till short movies all in UHD or HD format and we are also working with independent video producers, . We manage from video production to video post-production and we also provide Art directing & Photography directing facilities, as well as casting and concept development for video productions.

Managing a good promotional and communication campaign means to have good ideas for the right concept, and most of all it means to manage a good team that can implement everything – webdesign is one of the most important capabilitie that an agency like ours should have. We choose carefully our web developers and web designers, not only to get the best prices but more than that, to get the highest quality.

On print advertising at People Group we have all the necessary tools to develop any campaign: from concept to the magazine print spread: our creative team from People PR will adapt or create the concept for the campaign, the team from People Art Production will photograph the products, the models or, simply, will translate in a composition the desired message, the Retoucher will beautify the final photography, the team from People Digital will translate the concept and the images in the final Advertising Spread, the People PR specialist on Media Buying will contract all the advertising space, as targeted by the strategy team. After the print is ready and in the magazines’ pages, the team from People PR together with The Agency will evaluate the ROI of the advertising campaign.

Radio Advertising

Advertising on radio stations it can be the main communication channel for some of our clients, for this we develope the media plan, we do the media buying in drive-time, we develope the concepts for radio-spots, acording to the overall communication strategy, we produce the radio-spot with an unique soundtrack, we choose from hundreds of radio voices and we compile everything a well-finished product: the radio advertisment.

Outdoor Advertising

With a large range of outdoor advertising spaces in Bucharest
and around the country, starting with large billboards
on the highways, backlight billboards, outdoor
building-advertising and many more unconventional outdoor
advertising spaces, video-walls (photo),we develop
the concept, we design the video-spots or the graphic for
print, we take care of the production and we also identify
and negotiate the lowest rates.

Through our dedicated marketing and business strategies company – The Agency – we manage to develop positioning strategies of the brand on the market as well as strategies of increasing awareness, or re-positioning of the brands or other related sub-brands.

When it comes to branding, through our other capabilities we can develop and forecast the positioning of any newcomer or we can develop a re-branding strategy for any existing brand. We deal from the brand strategy to logo, any other graphic promotional materials, corporate video-spots, brand communication strategy, internal brand implementation, brand management (international or national brands). Our capabilities include also legal and financial issues related to any brand development process from registering the mark to managing is potential legal issues on the market.


We developed an entire network with different capabilities in order to provide to our clients all the services they need in communicating & selling their products and services: through our marketing and business consultancy division – The Agency- we provide all the Sales consultancy services: from strategy to human resources recruiting, training of the sales department, sales strategy management and implementation. We also manage online sales strategies and we evaluate results with specific marketing tools for online environment.

At People Pr we can provide a wide range of celebrities from different activity dominions and with various profiles for public relations campaigns, advertising campaigns, events, brand associations and multiple other projects. We can also deal with future-celebrity promotion and personal pr and image management.

Media Buying

Prior to a good communication strategy, media buying strategy is essential to an efficient marketing and promotion plan or activity. We deal for our clients with all the publications around the country, starting with international titles like Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Instyle, Elle or Esquire, with the best Romanian newspapers like Ziarul Financiar, on the main websites, TV or Radio stations. It is essential to get the best positioning, at the right time and at the best prices, and we focus on that for each of our client.