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Financial and Investment Relations are two fields that, more than any others need a professional communication and public relations assistance. In the financial fields every relation is based on trust. And trust is hard to grow and maintain. We have the most skilled advisors with great experience in the Romanian financial market that can easily provide assistance for our clients. We know how to develop and maintain strong and long-lasting business relationships, it’s in our nature.

Investment relation needs first of all a good market knowledge and to know the right people for the right investor. These are the ingredients that can determine an investment. On top of these for any investor the image of their future partners is most important in order to establish confidence and to determine investors to act.

Investment relations represents both initiative of the investor and the one who owns the business that needs an investment. It is essential for the last one to have fitted communication strategy and a well built image in order to gain trust and motivation of investment for their future partners. These are the reasons we constantly do market research and we ensure that we can provide specific and targeted consulting services for our clients’ success.