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Pro Bono

People PR social responsibility
Every act of charity changes not only the life of the others but also the life of the initiator.

We always believe that we have a certain mission here, among all the people: to help improve our society, our life and the life of others, to strengthen our community values and to contribute for the development of a strong educational and healthcare systems. We believe in our mission and we act in order to change something or to improve.

We strongly believe that culture is the issue that we have to be aware of in order to determinate radical changes in a society. We work along with our partners, both NGOs and nonprofit association in order to achieve their goals, to develop new project for our children, for our elders and for every man and woman, part of our society that we live in.

We act pro-bono for this organizations and we hope others will join us.

Ascultă.Ajută (Listen.Help) was the first PR project of People PR Agency and was a charity project.

At our initiative we developed and we managed this event with the purpose of helping the Romanian Association for Deaf  People to procure hearing protesis for children with hearing deficit. We developed an Art Auction where we gathered paintings valued at more than 100.000 euro and we also brought art-loving people and philanthropists at one of the best-suited venues in Bucharest, at that time, for an Auction of Paintings: Stirbey Palace.

The Auction have sold paintings in value of 14.000 euro and have managed to achieve the Association goal: to buy enough hearing protests for the one who couldn’t afford it.

Classic is Fantastic was a project developed by Clock Advertising together with public figures philanthropists meant to promote the classical music to children and to give to the one in needs the opportunity to learn to play at classical instruments and study music, at no costs.

People PR was approached by the initiators to manage the launching event that took place at the most appreciated venue in Romania: The Romanian Atheneum.

The event represented the campaign launch for the national cultural project “Classic is fantastic”. The Gala also included a jewelry and paintings auction. With over 700 guests: people from business, cultural environment and important public figures and with the main promoter Mrs. Camelia Sucu one of the most successful bussines-woman in Romania. The event was covered by the all main media channels and newspapers in Romania.

HELP România.pdf

HELP Romania (Health, Education and Love for People) is a Not-for-profit organization founded by one of our board members, Oana Tinu, together with a great philanthropist Roxana Flesariu.

With the aim of developing cultural and health project, the NGO managed to save in 2012 a 8 months baby-boy from its stomach cancer disease.